John  Deere  1½ HP  Engine - Description & Pricing

Chuck Kuhn's Model E 1-1/2hp John Deere engine
Chuck Kuhn built this excellent example of a 3/10 scale John Deere 1-1/2 HP Model E engine from the Dinky Dears kit

Castings in Kit John Deere 1-1/2 HP Model "E" Casting Kit:
     I first became involved with this kit in the early 1990s when Jerry Frisbie approached the company I was working for and asked them to make the patterns and castings for a 3/10 scale model from the full size engine he brought in. I ended up taking the measurements and making the patterns and I'm proud to have been a part of a model kit that was officially licensed after a meticulous review and approval process by John Deere to assure its authenticity and quality.
     I have continued to oversee the making of the castings and so it was natural when Jerry decided to move on to other things that he turned the sales and manufacture of the kit over to me.
     Everything to build this detailed model is included except the John Deere paint. This is a kit that the first time machinist or father and son team can build! Here are some comments by builders:
     "My first IC engine is this 0.3 scale John Deere 1.5 BHP Model E. The castings and instructions were developed by Jerry Frisbie of Dinky Dears. Jerry's castings, drawings, and instructions are first rate. I learned a lot and even cut my first gears from the instructions in this kit."
     "The Dinky Dear castings and instructions are first rate. The drawings are correct, the castings have all been annealed, the instructions are extremely detailed, and there is a photo of nearly every machining setup. I have built this engine and learned a great deal from the "teaching" in the instructions. For example, I learned to cut gears from the instructions."
     "This is a 3/10 scale model of John Deere, Model E, 1-1/2 HP, spark plug gasoline engine. Machinist kit includes 200 page step by step instructions, 124 drawings and 947 close up photographs of machine set ups."
     The completed engine has a 1.050" bore, 1.350" stroke, and 5.400" dia. flywheel. The overall dimensions are approximately 9"L x 6¼"W x 5½"H

printer  Printable John Deere Order Form
PRICE: $895 for the complete kit, including shipping within the USA.
Partially or fully machined kits are available. Please inquire.
Please see John Deer Order Form for overseas shipping - the engine kit weighs approximately 25 lbs